Software Details: ZSoft TimeSync v1.2

Very simple program that synchronises you computer clock via the Internet... All you have to do is run the program at you will be prompted with a message box either saying ":o)" (means that it properly worked) or ":o(" if it didn't. This got to be one of the most multilanguage programs in existents ;o).

Version 1.2 fixes an error and has a new timeout value: 2 seconds.
And oh, a feature that I haven't described before is the one enabling you, as the user, to change the server to get the time from, by running TimeSync with a parameter - your server of choice. The default timeserver is

Note: Portions of this software are Copyright (c) 1993 - 2003, Chad Z. Hower (Kudzu) and the Indy Pit Crew -

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