Software Details: ZSoft Uninstaller V1.7

ZSoft Uninstaller V1.7
Uninstaller is a small, free, light-weight program that more or less has the same features as the build in function in Microsoft Windows have - Uninstaller is just faster to load.
Uninstaller was written, mostly to myself, because I think that Windows XP's build-in uninstall function is a real bitch to open...

Uninstaller is multilanguage and includes both English and Danish languages.
It has a search feature so you easily can find the program you want to uninstall.
It also features an auto-check-4-updates function so you from within the program can check for a newer version.
You can delete entries in the registry that doesn't work anymore and enable "grid lines" so the list (to some people) is more readable.

Note: This program includes features from Toolbar2000 and TBX

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